Age of Empires IV

Character design for the civilizations

Company: Relic Entertainment in conjunction with Xbox Game Studios (Microsoft)

Project: Internal IP development

I developed a paper doll visual design system for Age of Empires IV. Using this system, I would design a single library of 2D assets. Every costume element (e.g. a Russian helmet) was very reference driven; I would provide the modeler with painted objects and accompanying reference from history. The modelers could then build each asset once and use it multiple times to create the final 3D characters.

The Purpose of this was to design and organize entire armies at scale. Because the unit size is so small on screen, the paper doll system became the most efficient way to create whole armies, each with a unique look, without myself or the modeler getting bogged down in bespoke detail. Using a base number of assets, I could create a design-forward sense of dress that spoke to the history, cuture, and style of the age.

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