The Clipped Hussar

A couple years ago I was a contributing artist on Substrata. Along with my fellow Substratians, I developed a personal fantasy-fable which kind of stuck with me. There are elements of this story that I had intended to present during the contribution period of Substrata, but life and work derailed my progress. So I spent a year thinking about this little world I’d created, and I’ve finally had a chance to open it up again. Over the next while, I’ll be redesigning and revisiting this work (if for no other reason than self-improvement), and presenting some brand new work to further the story.

But first thing’s first: Our hero.

The Clipped Hussar


The bird she rode did not survive her arrival.


Substrata - The Arrival


The Clipped Hussar  - Line work


Hussar Sketches

Initial sketches


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