The Clipped Hussar pt.2: The Twins

The Clipped Hussar - onesheet

This is the follow up to my initial part of The Clipped Hussar series, when I introduced our hero. The Twins are a series of characters she will encounter along her way.

When designing characters, the trend skews toward singular heroes that survive and operate independently. This was an exercise in creating a duo whose functions were co dependent, two parts of a whole. The premise was simple: one acts as the muzzle of a musket and the other acts as the hammer. Hopefully the personality of that dynamic comes through.

The Clipped Hussar - The Encounter

Love of revelry had them cast to the edges of the kingdom to serve their tenure as guardsmen of the passages to the capital. Between the woods and the wall to the empire, the siblings lived their lives amongst the denizens of the forest. In time, the wood twisted their flesh and strengthened their bond.

The Clipped Hussar - Instruments

The Clipped Hussar - friz

The Clipped Hussar - Instruments The Clipped Hussar - movement The Clipped Hussar - movement

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The Clipped Hussar - Instruments

It was important to describe The Twins with movement and interaction to give a sense that they are living and active characters with personalities. I also wanted to do some exploration not so much in their weapons but also their instruments, to emphasize their musical proclivities.

The Twins - Head Explore

The Clipped Hussar - exploration The Clipped Hussar - head exploration The Clipped Hussar - cutaway The Clipped Hussar - colour comps

The Twins were originally planned as another Substrata release, however my ambition got the better of me and I saw the long-tail of this story that I wanted to tell unfold. Over the course of almost two years, this part of the project was subjected to all kinds of interruptions life had to offer. When I look back at some of the older drawings from this series, I realise that a lot has changed in my work style and approach. Getting the characters designed and settled was a class of its own which taught me a lot and I’m excited to explore these fellows more, in time.


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